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PROGRAMME with presentations (PDF):

Thursday 14.09.2017  
12.30 - 15.30 Ceremony
Engagement Global, Servicestelle für Kommunen in der Einen Welt (SKEW)
15.30 - 17.30 Guided tour along touristic and Fair Trade highlights of Saarbrücken  
17.30 - 18.30 Reception at Town Hall with Mayor Charlotte Britz  
19.00 – 23.00 Cultural Show and Dinner at Congress-Center
In cooperation with Engagement Global

Welcome - Ulrich Commerçon, Saar-Minister for Education and Culture

Friday 15.09.2017  
09.00 - 10.00 Identity card for a cross-border cooperation
Prof. Dr. Claudia Polzin-Haumann, Vice-President for Europe and International Saar-University, First Fairtrade-University in Germany

Highlights from three national neighbouring campaigns
Dieter Overath, Fairtrade Germany [517 KB]
• Estelle Dubreuil, FAIR(e) un Monde Équitable, France
Jean-Louis Zeien, Fairtrade Letzeburg [362 KB]

Welcome QuattroPole and QuattroFair
Charlotte Britz, Director Board QuattroPole / Mayor Saarbrücken [260 KB]
Fleurance Laroppe, Speaker QuattroFair [1.072 KB]
10.30 - 12.00 Public debate on the role of the European Union in promoting Fair Trade
• Nikolaos Zaimis, European Commission, Direction for i.a. Trade and Sustainable Development: Keynote-Speech and announcement of European Fair Trade City Award
Jean Feyder, Ambassador of Luxembourg at the UN [482 KB]
Debate with Members of the European Parliament and the Public
Helmut Scholz, Arne Lietze, Charles Goerenz

Moderator: Elen Jones, Fair Trade Wales

12.00 - 12.15 Speech: EU and Fair Trade: Fair Trade movement vision and call for coordinated Fair Trade movement action
Sergí Corbalán, Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO)
13.30-19.30 Workshops and Fit for Fair  

Saturday 16.09.2017  
09.30-11.00 International stakeholders in dialogue – latest developments & further visions
Greg Brown, Fairtrade International (FI-CEO) [1.119 KB]
Rudi Dalvai, World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO-President) [2.141 KB]
Billy Linstead-Goldsmith and Tadeusz Makulski, International Fair Trade Towns Campaign (Steering Committee) [1.632 KB]

Moderator: Sergí Corbalán, Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO-CEO)
11.30-12.30 Panel: Portrait of three successful tiny countries:
Rosa Guamán, Fuerzas Unidas por el Comercio Justo en Ecuador [2.692 KB]
Benoît Berger & Elie Karam, Le Liban engagé équitablement [4.732 KB]
Sophie Duponcheel & Lothar Boeyken, Fair Trade Campaigns in Belgium [1.799 KB]
Bus transfer to one of the selected QuattroPole-cities (Luxembourg, Metz, Trier)

Sunday 17.09.2017  
09.00-10.30 Workshops  
11.00-13.00 Plenary Session
Celebration of cross-border stakeholders achieving status
Status achieved by four new Saar-stakeholders (School + University + Town + Ditstrict).
Awards handed over by : Ulrich Commerçon (Saar-Minister for Education & Culture) and Bruce Crowther (Father Fair Trade Towns Movement)

• Workshops Evaluation
• Resolution, Where and What next, "Finissage" of the conference
14.00 Country coordinators meeting (closed to the public)  
16.00 Guided Tour along touristic and Fair Trade highlights of Saarbrücken  
20.00 Movie "La Finca Humana", in the cinema "Achteinhalb" about the FairTrade-Kooperative COMSA in Honduras, a movie by Brian Olson. Introduction and ensuing discussion with Miriam Elizabeth Perez Zelaya (COMSA), Honduras.  

Zum Betrachten der Präsentationen benötigen Sie den kostenfreien PDF-Reader, der unter heruntergeladen werden kann.